Lunch with Chris – The Paddington

Well here we are again. Chris wanted to give The Paddington a try. It is a Merivale pub, so the interiors are interesting and stylish. I think I see the hand of Sybilla Court the distressed walls and wonderful details. The upstairs bar area is fabulous and would be a great way to spend a Friday night….if we were kicking on..

The specialty is the chook, cooked rotisserie-style. Those who know me well – will know – this is not my go to dish…We start with a delightful salad of fennel, olive ,finger lime and red pear. Followed by Grilled Octopus eggplant and harrisa this was my favourite and then we shared Rump cap charred broccoli percorino and pine nuts with a side of delightful Brussel sprouts with prunes……these were very yum. excuse my sophisticated food speak.

Chris thought the beef needed to be rested a bit longer. But our over all thoughts on the food was a big thumbs up.

And of course we answered all the big questions and saved the world from Donald Trump but that would be a much longer post!!


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  1. I think one Jilly Hewett has put her hand up to share the visit. Anyone else want to do so.

    And I want to know what this elusive Chris character – does she really do these lunches ? – thinks about this place.

    A review please Chris !

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