Loud and Luminous – for International Women’s Day

Image by Lindi Heap

Loud and Luminous International Womens Day Event is tomorrow with a free community event, and gallery event that evening. They will be launching the book that day and also more media to celebrate International Womens Day. It’s a free community event and it’s all about connecting.

Invited photographers were asked to submit an artwork using the female icon. The brief was completely open to interpretation, photographers just need to use the universal women’s icon somehow in their photographic work. Photographers may interpret this literally or otherwise.

International Women’s day has always been a very important day for me. In 1975 The Year of The Woman, the Sydney Morning Herald let me in the door …. first only weekends for a trail to see if I could handle the language and then as a cadet photographer. This year I was inducted into the Media Hall of Fame.

Loud and Luminous is a celebration of women photographers…personally I prefer photographer’s who happen to be women, but anything that celebrates us should be supported by all. Congratulations to curators Melissa Anderson and Hilary Wardhaugh for getting this off the ground..

image above ” Nyapala” Marine Perret

To watch some of the videos with some of the photographers.


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