Lots of books and one psycho cat at Jimbocho – Tokyo

Jimbocho is a charming district of Tokyo that sells second hand books, art, posters some pretty erotic Japanese porn and the home of one very psycho cat.

Jules and I walked to Jimbocho from our temporary home in Yanaka, it took about an hour. Tokyo is a very easy city to navigate if you have google maps and makes a lovely change from the subway.

The psycho cat attacked Jules while she was attempting to pat it … this for those that know Jules is extraordinarily because she is the original cat whisperer, most love her.

Jimbocho is the go-to place for both 100-yen quick flicks and 100,000 yen collectibles. Just as importantly, the area hosts many affordable curry shops and noodle joints catering to hungry students and debating academics. Give yourself a day to browse through one of Tokyo’s most literary and cultural districts.

For more tips about what to do in Jimbocho hit the link…


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