Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli – Must Read

I just finished this beautiful book - Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli. It will, among other things make you acutely aware of your soundscape ... not a sense we are very atuned to - in our over loud frenzied enviroment.

The Mexican author’s third novel — her first to be written in English — unfolds against a backdrop of crisis: of children crossing borders, facing death, being detained, being deported unaccompanied by their guardians. The novel centers on a couple and their two children (all unnamed), who are taking a road trip from New York City to the Mexican border; the couple’s marriage is on the brink of collapse as they pursue independent ethnographic research projects and the woman tries to help a Mexican immigrant find her daughters, who’ve gone missing in their attempt to cross the border behind her.

The brilliance of Luiselli’s writing stirs rage and pity, but what might one do after reading such a novel? Acutely sensitive to these misgivings, Luiselli has delivered a madly allusive, self-reflexive, experimental book, one that is as much about storytellers and storytelling as it is about lost children.

Fiction | Alfred A. Knopf. $27.95. | Read the review | Read our profile of Luiselli


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  1. Loved this deeply moving book Lorrie. Now reading her earlier ‘The Story of My Teeth’ – extraordinary. We are in Oaxaca, Mexico for 6 weeks (our 5th visit). Pam Barnetta is staying with us for 10 days!

    1. Post

      Hi Belinda, Greg here while Lorrie away at the gym / swim session. Please give our love to Barnetta of Editing – and make sure you both get in touch when you get back. Would be so lovely to catch up with a meal at Newtown.

      BTW, there is an ulterior motive ….. we are planning on an extended trip through Mexico sometime in the next year for a few months, so any good tips and recommendations would be fantastic …..

      Fell in love with Mexico … can’t wait for next trip. Greg

    2. Hi Belinda, Yes this book moved me to tears and rage, I’ll be doing the same and reading her other books. Also love to Pam, and would be very fabulous to catch up when you/we get home.

      Lorrie xx

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