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To be honest I can no longer remember where I heard of LMND/Lemonade the brand, it may well have been one of those random instagram posts that flash up when you mention an item or place. and it spookily turns up in your feed, however,  I was well placed to be interested in their product...having just spent the afternoon with my friend Kerry McNamarra who look fetching in her lavender shorts.

I went to Bondi Beach, the natural home for a store like LMND/Lemonade with a particular look I wanted to try during summer this year...I call it the zoo attendant or Jane Goodall...Slim very unkindly suggested I could be a member of the Irwin family. LMND/Lemonade call it Chiara Set (oversized button-up shirt and shorts). Anyway I now have it in Caramel. IT IS SO COMFORTABLE AND COOL  ...as in the weather and looks surprisingly sharp for such a casual look.

A little about the Founder and Creative Director, Ana Maria Escobar: (photographed above)

Born in Australia, raised in Colombia and a Sydneysider since 1999; Ana created LMND - “a brand for all” - out of her love for prints, fresh colors, and eternal optimism.

Even with Ana’s passion for accessories, LMND’s signature and best seller is the Chiara Set (oversized button-up shirt and shorts).

Bright and fun clutches, totes, and hats complement the clothing range perfectly.

She loves hearing feedback and learning from customers, so you will often find Escobar in the Gould Street, Bondi Beach flagship store, just a few blocks back from Bondi Beach.

As I did when I dropped in. Ana Maria has a wonderful eye for colour and her warmth and enthusiasm for her brand is truly wonderful.

Bondi Beach @ Gould Street

They are OPEN

Monday - Friday : 09:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 9:30am - 5:00pm

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