Live like an Italian – A very rich one!

I LOVE this site, it is a journal attached to fashion site called La Double J run by an American who has lived in Italy for years. Live like an Italian, a very rich Milanese Italian woman, is full of tips and insights on how these women live their lives…I’m reading between the lines here but I’m thinking … with a lot of help. Some are hilarious, without I fear, meaning to be. There are tips about where to buy the best linen and the best flowers, and thats not to be sniffed at.

Here is a taste from Laura Sartori Rimini who may be the favourite globe trotting architect of the rich, famous and endlessly chic, but she also has that magical Milanese combo of professional powerhouse coupled with domestic goddess. She walks us through the perfect dinner party, how to get your hands on the best vintage fashion and where to find the freshest flowers in all of Milano.

In The Home

Take the extra time, handmade food is always better.“I’ve never given my children anything packaged or frozen, things you can find in the super market. I always make sure what I give them is handmade.”

Don’t skimp on a set table. “I always prepare the table. Even if it is just a midweek dinner for my family, there are always fresh flowers on the table, and in the evening there are always candles.”

The dinner hour is sacred, get rid of distractions. “Having a proper meal together is important, it’s a portion of time — half an hour, one hour — that the family talks. No cell phone at the table, no television in the dining room. We talk. We’ve done this since the children were very young.”

To source the freshest flowers, either grow them yourself or head to the market. “I cut flowers from my terrace, or get them at the flower market when I have time. There’s a huge flower market called Orto Mercato, close to Linate airport, where you get the freshest flowers when it’s open to the public on weekends.”

Don’t let city-living discourage your green thumb. “I love having a garden in the middle of the city, I have basil, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme. I love the idea of coming up here to cut the herbs to flavour to my dishes. I don’t care about the Milanese polluted air. I think if you have it every day you probably get stronger.”

read more from Laura here ….


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  1. I definitely want to read more on this site. I love and agree with her philosophy of setting the table every night. I do this as well, albeit in a very low key way, but I always lay the table and try to have flowers and no TV or computers.

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