Little Felix – Beautiful, Paris inspired, Bar

A repost...Just teasing, I think this might be a bit later in the month ...but we can dream!

Last night Angie Drinan and I went to Little Felix the latest bar in the Merivale Group. We sat surrounded by her beautiful work on the walls and worked our way through the cocktail menu.

The bar is Inspired by the 1920s, the dark and moody and set to be ‘the place’ to hang around till late, drinking wine and talking literature, à la Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Well not Angie and I... but you could if you wanted....however we did try an awful lot of the drinks menu.

We started with a couple of glasses of Veuve Clicquot poured from 1.5 magnum by the truly delightful and attentive staff. Angie moved onto a thyme spiked French 75 and I think I had a Sidecar splashed with Le Birlou with apple and chestnut liqueur.

There is food, Les charcuteries, les Fromages Les Tartins and Les hor d'oeuvres. Not that we were that sensible.

As with the other Merivale venues the beauty is in the attention they put into the details and the design.

Then you realise why the Merivale places are so successful. There on the night was Justin Hemmes walking the floor checking that everything was as perfect as, I'm sure, he and his sister Bettina would want. This a beautiful little Bar, TIP, you must book, don't expect to walk in and get a table.



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  1. I love the work you have highlighted of Angeline Drinan. What a star! She is a new discovery for me and I will watch out for more of this divine work. The bar looks incredible (you do get around Lorrie).

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