lighting is the most important design element in your home

I think lighting is one of the most important elements in our homes. I love a lamp, I find little pools of light comforting and welcoming but a good lighting design can add so much more.

We don’t realise it, but light is perhaps one of the most important elements in interior design. Lighting plays with our perceptions, creates unique sensations and experiences and can completely change a design.

Light has the capacity to create an atmosphere much more than furniture or an accessory can; it recreates unique sensations and experiences”. Cathy Figueiredo, a partner at WannaOne studio knows that “light is an integral part of interior design and it must be worked on from the beginning of a project”. If it hasn’t been done correctly it’s immediately noticeable. We can find ourselves in the most beautiful space in the world, but if enough time hasn’t been dedicated to the study and design of the lighting, our experience will leave us dissatisfied.

I had to go to Essential Ingredient in Surry Hills yesterday and noticed this lovely lighting shop, Est Lighting actually the thing that caught my eye was the Soy Sauce bottle lamp, first noticed at White Rabbit Gallery.

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