Let’s revisit Mexico City – in our dreams

Baltra Bar, Condesa, Mexico City, January 2017

To be honest our love of Mexico City was a bit of a surprise. We had gone to New York for Christmas but had to travel through Mexico to get to our next destination Cuba. On a bit of a Wim we decided to stop on the way back and have a look at Mexico City.

We stayed in Condessa, right next to the fabulous suburb of Roma - of the film fame - This little photo essay is a bit of a taste. I will repost some of the highlights of that fortuitous stop off.

Mexico has rocketed up our HAVE TO GO BACK TO LIST, when we are over the covid interruption. To be honest the list is long, but that little taste has left us very excited to get back.

Then there is of course a catch up with dear dear friend young Victoria Roberts ... who has always known the charms and delights of Mexico!

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  1. We were in Mexico City in 2016.

    (Unbeknownst to us, the Pope visit was imminent, so they preparing for that! )

    Hubby has extended family living there, so we lucky to know locals. Stayed in Condesa too @ Hotel Condesa on Veracruz.

    Then flew down to Oaxaca. A must see!
    Your photos superb! Thank you for the wonderful re-visit, Lorrie.

    1. Post
      1. Yes! Love to chat! Will email.
        Yr accommodation in Mexico City sounds charming. An amazing city.

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