Let’s Be Cool: On Changing Seasons and Personal Style

Hello, world. Summer is seething in New York City, and I am ready for a change. The seasons were something I missed when I lived in Miami. And Linda Rodin is indicative of that.

Part of social media’s obsession with “advanced style,” Linda Rodin is the ultimate New York cool woman. She was a fashion stylist for years and became infamous for her Olio Lusso, an incredible face oil that smelled of jasmine before face oils were even a thing, and every woman in Manhattan owned it and used it as a luxe ritual. She then branched out to lipsticks (always has lipstick on) and then was bought and permanently closed by Estee Lauder.

I have always admired her style, and yes, I know. She is whip-thin and would probably look fabulous in a potato sack. But she is someone who epitomizes how to take style to a fun and iconic place as you age, and her new denim launch, which is coming soon, is super duper cool for selvage denim lovers (those bells are a miss, but I dig the rest).

Here are five things I love about Linda and her approach to aging and style:

She’s consistent but open to change. Her style is pretty straightforward, but there is always a funky twist. On her new site, she talks about having worn Levi’s since childhood, and she’s still rocking jeans today and cites them as an obsession.

She has a pet passion. Poodles are rarely pictured without them, and I believe animals make life much more lovable. My dog is a senior.

She knows accessories are everything. From a pop of lipstick to oversized glasses, Rodin takes her relatively simple clothing and amps them up eternally. Find something that is your signature and play with it. It’s what makes getting dressed extra fun. Just ask my ten pairs of my glasses. I’m still working on finding the perfect lipstick, but I still have a great nude tone from her defunct collection.

She moves forward but incorporates the past. I am not one for nostalgia but believe that a future-focused mindset can utilize life experiences to do something new. Case in point is her new jean collection, whose name is the same one she gave to her first project, a clothing store in Soho in 1979 called LINDA HOPP, the new name of her clothing line, launching in her 70s and showcasing an astute understanding for classics with a bit of a wink. Think of a gingham cuff detail or a denim kilt to wear over a pair of jeans. 

She loses what no longer suits her. In a Vogue piece, Rodin noted, ” “You get to know your body with time, what makes you look and feel the best. For me, if something is really great, but I can’t wear it, it serves no purpose. If I see the best boots that I wished I’d had when I was 20, but they’ve got a heel, I know I cannot wear them. It’s just out of my world now”. 

I love that sentiment the most. Dress for the world you inhabit—an excellent way to approach style and life in general. Oh, and on seasons, I’m pleased to announce I’m officially the style editor here at The Ageist. I’m so grateful to be a part of their orbit and look forward to continuing to share the world I live in with all of you—cheers to embracing change and staying true to yourself.  To everything, turn turn turn.

Follow Linda on Instagram here and check out her jeans line here.

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