Let me take you back to Havana, Cuba

We went to Havana, Cuba in 2017. It was everything I had ever imagined. We spent a week in Havana and caught the window opened by Obama.. so the place was very welcoming of tourists. This felt good and bad. Trump slammed the door shut and now Covid has locked the door for a while.

It’s hard to describe Havana in few words. From the moment you set foot in the airport you feel time stands still in this place, that you have somehow traveled through a time capsule and landed in a beautiful yet chaotic and extremely poor city. From all the places I’ve been around the world, Cuba has to be one of the most interesting. After our first day, I decided to stop trying to make sense of how things work and just appreciate the beauty and magic around us.

I believe the most important thing that Cuba taught me is that we can be happy and kind even with much less than we already have.

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  1. Great photos, Lorrie. Takes me back. I felt wonderfully at home in Cuba, in a quite transformative way. For those interested, I made a documentary there about a visiting Australian ‘Work Brigade’ (really an exposure tour for leftwingers) in 1985 called ‘Brigadistas’, viewable on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/61398223.


    1. Shot on Super 8mm reversal stock, and 35 mm still transparencies. The technical problems of using reversal stock in high contrast tropical lighting were extremely challenging.

  2. Oh my god ….. this brings back just so many wonderful memories. Cuba is most certainly in the top handful of places I have had the privilege to visit. Beautiful, mysterious, rhythmic, so so sexy ….. definitely on the ‘return to’ bucket list.

  3. Thanks for taking us there! It looks so vibrant and full of life. Wonderful photos!

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