legend – Valerie Taylor – Water Warrior

Valerie Taylor at the Bondi Icebergs, April 2019 Oceans Festival

Last Friday I got to meet this legend, Valerie Taylor, she was a speaker at the Bondi Iceberg event for the Oceans Festival. At 83 she was a passionate as ever about the state of our oceans.

This is the shocking news I took away from the event.

In 2012 Australia created the world’s largest network of marine parks – helping to secure the future of local coastal communities, Australia’s unique marine life and valuable fisheries.

The Coalition Government has now stripped back half of the sanctuary protection within these parks, equivalent to removing every second national park on land. This decision ignored decades of science, the advise of its own experts, the concerns of local communities and the hundreds of thousands of Australians, including the vast majority of recreational fishers, who rejected these cuts.

This about plastic pollution, it is devastating to the environment and inflicts a huge toll on marine wildlife. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

More than 80% of plastic on our coast and in our waters originates from land. We need a 70% reduction of plastic pollution entering our waterways and reaching our oceans by 2020 commencing immediately with all single-use plastics


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  1. Unfortunately with our current government, all they care about is the bottom dollar (and a quick one at that!) They are not concerned with the environment at all. Look at the amount of politicians who don’t even believe in climate change. This planet, I hate to say it, is doomed for future generations. Very bloody sad indeed.

  2. That’s horrific! We Must save the oceans and use our vote wisely in May. Forget short term gain, look at long term solutions and outcomes. And by the way Valerie looks amazing for 83. Legend all round.

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