Lee Mathew’s …. Bronwyn

Bronwyn, sales person at Lee Mathews store in Paddington

I’d like to introduce Bronwyn, she works at the Lee Mathews store on Glenmore Road, Paddington.

She is the reason I walked into the store – while on my way to another – how refreshing to have a woman of around my age, I thought.

This is such a simple way for designers to be inclusive and show the way we might wear their clothes. Oh and the clothes are lovely.


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  1. Lee Mathews clothes are amazing, so soft, well made & complimentary to their wearers… Like an elegant & soft embrace !!
    & Its so clever & such good vibes about Bronwyn 🙂

  2. Lovely. She also worked for Eastern Pearson for quite a while before they closed. I remember looking out the bus window once, attracted by a blaze of pattern, to see her striding down elizabeth St in full eastern person ensemble, looking amazing.

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