Le Calbar – Our Bar – Paris

Le Calbar, our bar in Paris, has a lot going for it. For one it makes a deadly Martini ... basically they had me at that .... however they have a very cheeky bar staff., who seem never to get out of their underwear. Two it is very close, literally just around the corner. Three it is small, max number of people, 30.

Despite the fact that they would very much like to stay a secret, Slim the super slewth found them and made them our own.

The owner did a year in Australia backpacking 10 years ago and his main barman is leaving this week to take up a gig in a bar in Mexico City ... I'm guessing that is why he was pressing us to try his new favourite cocktail the Mescal Negroni.

Look there are other places to find a Martini in Paris...The Ritz for example... we love the Le Calbar

And it has NOTHING to do with the owner saying I said Merci without any accent!

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