The latest: Elena Ferrante book review NYT


In Case you missed this…probably not if you are a major fan. The book Frantumaglia a writers journey a modest volume that has ended up playing an unexpectedly pivotal role in the Ferrante’s career ….. because of this …..

” for it seems to have led to her unmasking. “I think it could be a good idea to bring out for Christmas a ‘book of reflections’ by Elena Ferrante,” Ferrante’s editor wrote fatefully to her back in 2003, when the idea of publishing the collection first surfaced. Ferrante was skeptical (“Why . . . add so much of my chatter to the two novels?”) but ultimately agreed, at least in part for diplomatic reasons: “I have to admit that I’m quite tired of always saying no to you — you’ve really been very patient over these 12 years,” she replied to her editor.”


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