La Vita Dolce, A Pearl Beach Weekend

La Vita Dolce weekend at Pearl Beach with Leslie and John was cancelled, rescheduled, reorganised so many times I think we all doubted it would ever happen...but happen it did with perfect weather and a pile of negative RAT tests.... not thanks to you Scott, I might add!!!

This weekend was shared with Lilli and Cath and their partners Dan and Baz ... we bought too much food.. I'm just saying this up front so you understand why the weekend may not have been more active. Leslie and John are amazing hosts and we all love good food so we all bought more!

Anyway we were all rehearsing for what life might be like when we all moved to Italy...some are a little more committed to this plan - long term - than others but all will visit regularly when homes are established.

This plan depends on how, Dan, navigates getting Lilli's wardrobe there ... and once there ... how to manage it!

In the meantime we  ( girls) will have to travel to Milan to pick up a few little LBD's - Mui Mui, Prada ... you get the picture so we blend in!

Why Italy...well I'm a little immersed in life in Sardinia C/- of the Letitia Clark cook books and I came across this..

Sardinian Legend.

" After God created the earth, he threw the leftover pieces into the Mediterranean Sea. He selected all of the best parts of his creation and placed them upon one of these rocks. This rock he named Sardinia."

Sardinian Joke

" After surveying his work, God realised he had created something too beautiful. there was an imbalance between the beauty of Sardinia and all of the other regions around it. God thought hard about how to redress this balance. And then, he had an epiphany . He created the Sardinians."

You might notice the food images cut out at the Aperitivo stage of the night and pick up again at the Merenda stage of the next day. What can I say, we were distracted by tennis, the wonderful Ash Barty and because of that, the Spanish style eating time ... late very late for some!

It's all wonderful training, because the other thing to look forward to, aprés move, is the amount of sleeping one has to introduce to the La Vita Dolce.

Until then, of course, we will always have the beautiful welcoming, all most perfect Pearl Beach weekends with Leslie and John ... if we promise not to bring food for a week and never any condiments!

Lilli, always the problem solver...found her own solution!

The image below, an extraordinary sponge from Flower and Stone bought by Cath for Leslie's birthday was consumed AFTER breakfast... I rest my case.

I'm on green tea all week...because I arrived home with the most fabulous array of cheeses..thank you Lilli, that helped me - along with a lovely little Rosé - get Nadal ... watched through clenched fingers and much muttering...over the line. No thanks needed Nadal!

But many Thanks Leslie and John XX

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  1. What a terrific gang…even better with the blokes! So adored having you all. Such great fun. Let’s do it again ASAP

  2. Yes thanks to Johnno & Lesley and their beautiful beach house and gorgeous guests it was a most fun weekend … and of course Lorrie your beautiful photos as memories of ‘THAT’ weekend!

  3. Wow! A truly beautiful wrap-up of a fine time spent with friends. The greatest joy of the PB shack is being able to share it with friends and family. Wonderful photos, as always. ❤️

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