La Tangerina Guesthouse – Tangier

La Tangerina Guesthouse sits on the highest point of the Kasbah in Tangier. It looks across the water to Southern Spain and is so warm and welcoming we now have to back to Tangier, because, we really didn’t get out and about that much.

OK so we were only here for two nights, but the fire gets lit, the Rosé poured and the Hamam – local bathhouse – fired up and why would you leave.

This Guesthouse is a family affair. The Husband, Jurgen and wife, Farida bought the house slowly back to life.

There are 10 rooms all unique and beautiful – they will have their own blog next week – the food is amazing. You can have drinks on the terrace at night and breakfast in the morning.

The most special thing about La Tangerina, however, are the people who run it.

It feels like home…..


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