La Redaccion Restaurant – Trinidad – Cuba

La Redaccion Restaurant in Trinidad Cuba became like a second home to us during our stay. Not unlike Casa Los Mangos.

La Redaccion Restaurant in Trinidad Cuba became like a second home to us during our stay. La Redacction restaurant also bakes it's own bread, and most of it's food is supplied by local Trinidad growers. Not unlike Casa Los Mangos the place has a very welcoming vibe. Also the setup is not that dissimilar in that an Irish girl fell in love with a Cuban and ended up running a Restaurant in Trinidad Cuba.

Here is a bit about Lare Daccion's story 

I guess it all started when I decided to go to Cuba for New Year 2011. I had just finished studying in London and decided to treat myself/max my credit card on a trip to Cuba.

"My fascination with the country began while travelling through Mexico in 2008 and meeting many people that were either travelling to or from Cuba. They told stories of revolution, Che Ghevara, the Castros, the embargo, desperate Cubans escaping to America, rations, old American cars and of course the food. They were starving by the time they left Cuba, as there was nothing attractive to eat. The food was either really bad or the Paladar (Restaurant in someone’s living room with a couple of tables) or hotel had run out of food.

Fortunately things have changed over time…. a little. “Go before it changes” they said. I couldn’t wait to visit this mysterious world that seemed to be completely cut off from the rest of civilisation.

That trip resulted in 2 things, a love of Cuba and love of a cuban Little did I know that 1 year later I would be living in Amsterdam with the Cuban and that 4 years later I would be spending a year in Cuba helping his mother set up her restaurant in the beautiful UNESCO town of Trinidad to the south of the country' 


 Keep it simple. We don’t have an elaborate menu but what we do have is fresh and made to an exceptional standard. We work closely with a select group of suppliers who include local fishermen, farmers and butchers. We bake our own bread and grow our own vegetables and herbs.

The history and charm of our home dates back to the 1800s. The architecture will inspire you and is present in every inch of the restaurant. Our hope is that you have a memorable experience and want to come back every day during your stay in Trinidad.

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