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Mining the L.A. Darl gene pool


I’d like to introduce L.A. Darl , a dear old friend, who will be the contributing editor Health/Beauty for the blog.

She is over-qualified for the job, but has graciously agreed to impart as much knowledge as she has gathered over – well not that many years – and living only 105 steps from the cosmetic section of saks fifth avenue in Los Angeles. She is on first name basis with many of the consultants. L.A. Darl is at the pointy and scary end of any new cream, serum, gel, mask, oil……and has courageously agreed, on many occasions, to try out the free facials offered to her by the SK 11 and  La Mer product counters.

On health L.A. Darl has been eating her body weight in Salmon for as long as I have known her and was a very early adopter to the stand don’t sit in front of your computer school.

This is as close as we get to no outside intervention!

I think between the two of us we would have bought and tried enough product to fill three Sydney Harbours….so let us do the hard work for you.

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