Kylie Kwong’s latest eatery – Lucky Kwong

You will find Lucky Kwong, the latest eatery by extraordinary chef and fabulous woman Kylie Kwong at the recently vamped South Eveleigh Precinct.

Lilli gathered a bunch of us girls last Friday and we headed over there for lunch - it is only open for lunch - the casual 25 seat cafeteria style eatery also does'nt take bookings, so we grabbed a coffee at 10.30 and waited in the sun for the 11am opening.

The simple interior has a long open kitchen where you can watch Kylie and her team cook your lunch. The room sits at the end of one of the historic locomotive workshops.

The service is quick, friendly and helpful. You can order and pay at the counter or use their QR code to order and pay via your phone.

We had ....
Steamed Prawn Dumplings with Sichuan chilli dressing & Jiwah native bush mint, Salad Of Five-Spice Firm Tofu with pickled carrot, potato, fresh black fungus, Palisa's herbs, tamari & ginger dressing ( this, I could live on) Jasmine rice, caramelised pork belly, Davidson's Plum, greens. Uncle Jimmy’s Steamed Hokkien Noodles with ginger, coriander, shallot, tamari & brown rice vinegar dressing ... hope that's excited your taste buds!

South Eveleigh’s resident blacksmith, Matt Mewburn collaborated with Kwong’s wife, the artist Nell, to forge the steel branch of the central artwork that overlooks the space.

The work, Ghost Song for Lucky Kwong 2021, is the first time Nell and Kwong have worked together. The branch is adorned with hand-blown glass “ghosts” that embody the spirit of Lucky, the baby boy Nell and Kwong sadly lost to stillbirth in 2012, and the cafeteria’s namesake.

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  1. So beautifully captured, Lorrie!
    It’s a special place with so much symbolism in all that simplicity- I love it!
    And the food of course is classic Kylie- delish modern Aussie Chinese made with carefully sourced local produce.
    We’re so Lucky( pardon the pun) to have Kylie back at the woks.

    1. Post
  2. Loved the experience, and such a combination of flavours. Looking forward to exploring more of the wonderful menu

  3. How wonderful. A most visit, and am I allowed to say how beautiful and handsome Kylie Kwong looks. So healthy with wondrous grey creeping in.

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