Kuzu Izakaya – Japanese Restaurant – Woodend – Victoria

Kuzu Izakaya in Woodend is a japanese restaurant that hits so far above its weight I'm surprised we got a table. We did have a slight advantage - we know the mother-inlaw of the owner/chef, Erika Pannam. We met " the mother-in-law ", our friend Penny Tait, in Sri Lanka about 6 years ago.

Penny lives in Macedon just up the hill from Woodend so the drive to Woodend was minimal. However the town is only 71 kms north west of Melbourne so no excuses for those of you lucky enough to live just down the road.

The restaurant has based its presentation and food on the traditional Japanese Izakaya ....having just returned from Japan my understanding of the Izakaya is....that they are casual places for after-work drinking. The Japanese word “izakaya”, is actually a combination of “i” (meaning to stay), and “sakaya” (meaning sake shop) – indicating that izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit in the premises to drink.

In true Izakaya fashion the food at Kuzu Izakaya is best eaten as small dishes. The oysters I have to admit are very hard to share ... so you might have to order your own!

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