Kerryn Phelps win in Wentworth a win for women.

Dr Kerryn Phelps, Medical Writer, Sydney, 2001, Wins the seat of Wentworth as an Independent

Dr Kerryn Phelps, Medical Writer, Sydney, 2001

Kerryn Phelps win on Saturday is a win for women, a 60 year old woman decided enough was enough and that we need to return to a country of decency, integrity ad humanity!

This is what Kerryn said on Saturday night…

“I am humbled by this privilege and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you,” she says.

“What we have done is tapped into a sentiment in the Australian people, to talk about the issues that are important to them, not the issues about survival for a particular political party.”

“Just a few short weeks ago I was told this was an impossible task and if we actually managed to win the seat of Wentworth, that it would be a miracle,” she said.
“It was said if we won the seat of Wentworth, it would make history and my friends, we have made history today.

Dr Phelps said her win was a great moment for Australian democracy and should signal the return of “decency, integrity and humanity” to the Australian Government.
“And let’s hope for a bit of commonsense on climate change,” she said.

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  1. As a resident of the Wentworth electorate, I was proud to have voted for Kerryn Phelps. The week before the election, a group of friends and I had the pleasure of meeting Kerryn at the re-opening of the Bronte to Clovelly coastal walk, which had been closed off to the public almost 3 years ago after a storm caused a landslide. We had a long chat with her about her ideas and policies and were very impressed with her sincere and down-to-earth attitude. I decided at that moment, she was the kind of person, I wanted to represent our community.

  2. So excited about having this strong thoughtful woman of integrity in Parliament. And great hopes that some other women, and men, of like mind have a run at the next elections.

    Time is right for a thoughtful but eclectic group of independents to sit on the cross benches and hold the major parties to account.

    Perhaps we will see the emergence of a Scandinavian like assortment of parties and independents who by definition HAVE TO CONSIDER , DISCUSS AND DEBATE , AND REACH DECISIONS THAT REFLECT THE DIVERSITY OF AUSTRALIAN SOCITY.

    Time for the Small L libs to split from the mad conservative rump. Time for a divorce of the ‘Coalition’. Time for a whole range of independents, especially in Rural Australia, to get a genuine voice in Canberra rather than feaux agrarians.

    Time for change.

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