Kerry McNamara – Style

I encounted Kerry one day walking in Alexandria. She looked wonderful in a denim outfit with a tailored jacket and green hat.

We agreed to meet at Sydney Park a favourite place for both of us.

Her love of fashion is infectious and her style inspiring.

We are already planning another shoot, next time her vintage Chanel.

Q Who are the designers you like?

designers I like -Miuccia Prada -I love her quikeness and her thinking outside the box with the different colour combinations & textures plus layering.
Linda jackson & Jenny Kee for their use of colour & print .They are a breath of fresh air
The duo behind Romance was Born Anna Plunkett & Luke Sales
I’m very much interested in where clothes are made The two above make in Australia
I also will look at men designers especially ones who are interested in old fashioned tailoring like Nigel Cabourn from England who has an extensive vintage collection of men’s clothes and will use thisfor inspiration.For example he made a range based on the clothes the Mallory expedition wore to scale Everest.He alsois reviving manufactoring in Great Britain.He has a big following in Japan where I would say the men are more satorical than the women.

In shoes I will always check out Robert Clergerie a french shoe designer I still have shoes from the 1980’s from him .He originally trained as a sculptor and it shows.

Celine under Phebe Philo is always lovely eye candy -her tailoring is spot on
they are others but then this would turn into a essay 🙂

QWhat sort of clothes appeal to you?

fabric ,cut ,shape -if a garment is made well ,lined pants I love quiky ,elegant ,tailored,versatile & some sort of flow or movement is always nice.I’m a big fan of headgear /shoes as the extra ‘note’ in the story I’m making when I dress.

QDo you have any Style Icons?

Style icons ? well women who I like to look at
Ines de la fressange -I have followed her since in my 20’s .We are the same age so I have been able to see where she is at and where I am at She was a muse for karl largerfied at Chanel .she became a widow roughly the same time I did and have seen her renew herslf.She has done a collection for the japanese big brand Uniquo for a couple of years now .Basic pieces with a french savoir faire feel.
Princess Caroline of Monaco as well the same age as me and for the same reasons as above -a difficult life things have happened but managed it with grace
Franca Sozzani the editor of Italian Vogue -smart ,intellengent with a soul -I love her
LInda Rodin -I love her hair and the way she wears it -first found her when she did the compaign for Karen Walker sunglasses shot by Ari Seth Cohen.I also reading about the ways she was trying to make a living as she got older.
AUDREY HEPBURN _ enough said
Lee Miller a photographer of Picassco & the WW2 ,a lover of Man Ray
I’ve just found manrepeller the work of Leandra Medine >She is young and has a great sense of humour
Any woman or man I meet or see who have a unique view of themselves and expresses it.

Q How do you feel about getting older?

Getting older ? The shock you get when you see yourself in the mirror or photo and you see your mum looking back at you!!
But I’m pretty content and happy I feel free in some ways.I surprise myself at how I seem to be rolling with the punches.

But the number one thing you must know about me is i think it is because of my transport choice.

I love my bike it keeps me feeling fit ,a size 38 in Fr sizing ,my lungs are bursting with goodness and I meet lots of interesting people.

I think the secret is to not restrict your friendships to the same age group . I do have a couple of friends I have known since I was 20 something but I have also made new friends all different ages and all doing different things. Sometimes its the bicycle we all have in common.

Q Do Magazines or Ad Campaigns talk to your generation?

Magazines or commentators always have an average or stock audience they are talking to .They always seem to assume that this is what you should be thinking or doing at a certain age .Most of my reading for entertainment comes from the internet so I pick & choose where I want to go .

Q How do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation?

With my Mum i dont think she had fun with fashion
-1) she was constantly dieting ,
2) everything had to match
3) you had to wear a girdle and a petticoat
4) she would much rather have 10 skirts at $5 each than 1 skirt at $50.
5) she has a thing for neatness -she still will turn down my collar if she sees it sitting up

Q Where are the clothes in the shots from?
A mixture, the leather skirt is ysl bought ages ago from the internet. The vest is Agnes b bought in Japan,the shirt is second hand Moschino ,the shoes second hand Chanel both from Claire inc in Adelaide owned by the lovely Belinda .
The hat is ages old from the old store Remo in Oxford street.the dress is my indulgent buy this season Romance was Born and the shoes an internet sale from Grenson a heritage British shoemaker.
The pants are vintage Chanel bought in Japan the denim shirt is a cheapie bought ages agi in King St Newtown .The red beanie “bill murray life aqautic ” beanie bought in Japan.Bangles are my daughters

Q What are the most important things in your life as you get older?
1 I eat well
2 ethics -where I shop ,where I spend my money
3 building on what I have
4 am kind
6doing things I care about
7 remembering my dreams from when I was younger

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