Kerry McNamara is no Covid 19 Wallflower!

THIS IS A REPOST... thought we all might need a boost and a little inspiration X

Last week I caught up with Kerry McNamara to find out how she had pivoted her style for life in the time of Corona, isolation and social distancing.

"At first I thought this is just too depressing I'll just go and put on a T-Shirt and trackies but I remembered what a nurse had said to me when my husband Jim was in an isolation ward with legionnaires and was dying - I was ( as you can imagine) incredibly upset and crying. A nurse took me aside and said to me when you come in here every day wear something pretty and bright and you’ll feel better and everyone around you will feel better."

"When you go into a situation like that it’s not just you, it’s the doctors and nurses, they need uplifting everyone needs something to smile about so that’s why I started wearing ballgowns to buy my groceries and wearing sequins in the middle of the day ... why not?"

The downside of Covid 19 is not being able to travel to see my family in Japan, but work has picked up. City of Sydney has added 10kms of temporary bike lanes and people have been encouraged to walk or ride their bike to work. We ( Kerry works for a company called Bike Wise who have been contracted by City of Sydney ) go to zones like the Glebe foreshore wherever there are cyclists and pedestrians in the one spot and talk about the etiquette of how cyclists should be around pedestrians and also we have maps and give free tune ups. Then on Saturday we are starting group rides.


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