Kerry McNamara wears Vintage Chanel etc etc

Kerry McNamara wears Vintage Chanel in this Style Shoot

I’m reposting Kerry and Chanel given the big changes that are about to hit the fashion house …. a woman at the helm again things can only get interesting..

This second shoot with the inspiring Kerry McNamara is all about her Vintage Chanel. She has been collecting for years, a lot found in Japan or online store The Real Real.

Kerry’s looks are always about shape, texture and surprise. Her attitude is bold, adventureous and fun. the end look exhilarating.

“the eye has to travel”

Diane VeerlandMr. WordPress

First Photo vintage 1990’s wool pleated Chanel skirt vintage Hermes scarfs vintage hermes belt from Japan black silk Cacharel top bought in Melbourne 10 years ago Dinosaur Design necklace from their extinct store at least 6 years ago

Second photo dyed Berber cloth obtained from a friend of a friend in Southern Morocco 2011 vintage Chanel brown wool pleated skirt from the 1990’s from Claire Inc in Adelaide Lovely Lingerie bra from Pretty Dog in Newtown

Third Photo vintage navy silk pleated Chanel skirt obtained in japan mint green silk voile Chloe top bought about 10 years ago mint green silk tie given to me a couple of years ago vintage Chanel poppy brooch from France vintage Chanel sandals from Claire Inc in Adelaide and leaving the best till last- 50c flower headband from glebe markets


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  1. Wow. Kerry looks FANTASTIC! What a wonderful sense of style….really love the gorgeous scarves tucked (?) into the waistband of that beautiful pleated skirt. Pleats come and pleats go in popularity- but pleats are ALWAYS chic! And look at that bra. Take THAT “Advanced Style”!

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