Keeping our hair long…..what’s the problem?


What’s the problem with keeping our hair long as we get older. Many do, Patti Smith has even gone back to braids.

I think I was six when I convinced my mother the bowl cut was no longer appropriate. My hair has been the same ever since….well there were the swimming years when it was long but hard and green, and the unfortunate tango with a country salon perm. But pretty well since, my hair has remained long.

A friend said recently, Loz you look the same just older.

So why the rush..why at a certain age to go all sensible? There are these very weird silent rules out there for women as we age. I known none of us want to go all Mutton dressed or the other extreme Advanced Style over the top clown.

Long hair is easier, lower maintenance and can be very elegant.

Here is a link to a yarn with a woman who thinks the same…..



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  1. Thank god I can stop thinking about having short hair! My nurse friend stole a pair of surgical scissors for me and I now cut the ends off my hair when it is wet. Easy!

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