Justice 4 Women – Lest we Forget!


It is well worth reading these two pieces one by Julia Baird the other Annabel Crab about the findings of Justice Michael Lee

Before you vote tomorrow do not forget this and what came before and what may well happen again if they are voted back in!

I went to Canberra for the Women 4 Justice march, I was lucky, according to Scott Morrison...not to be shot. WTF! Maybe that's why the Prime Minister or his Minister for women didn't have the guts to front the women of Australia on the lawn in front of Parliament House

Altho former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins and Australian of the Year Grace Tame were among those who did, and they addressed tens of thousands of protesters calling for an end to gender-based violence

I have just driven back from Canberra...this is a short summary from The Guardian..

We have had tens of thousands of people turn out for hundreds of events, everywhere from Parliament House in Canberra to the tiny town of Talbot.

The centrepiece of the day has to be Brittany Higgins’ speech in front of Parliament House, in which she took aim at the government’s treatment of her after she was allegedly raped by a former colleague in the building she stood in front of.

Grace Tame was met with cheers in Hobart, and hundreds if not thousands of other women came forward to share their stories of assault, rape and harassment.

I hope everyone is OK. Days like this can be truly draining. Seek help if you need it. Spend time with the people you love if you can and as daunting as it might seem, remember what Martin Luther King Jr said: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”.

If it’s been particularly tough for you reading the news today, remember in Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14.

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  1. One hundred percent with you here and we know who won’t lift a finger to change this. He’s just gotta go!!!

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  2. Wonderful shots as always L. Brilliant portrait of Penny Wong. What a day. Let’s hope it is the beginning of the end for these toxic bastards.

  3. Stunning pix Lorrie. Amazing turnout across the country. Bloody bastard Government response. They just don’t get it. Let’s hope the community anger and momentum continues.

  4. Thanks Lorrie. Great to see. Says all about the govt that Minister for Women had better things to do.

  5. Superb photos Lorrie, they really capture the amazing atmosphere. You haven’t lost your ability to get to the front of a media scrum!

  6. Lorrie your photos are terrific- I can feel the energy!! What an effort all who attended- stirring + impressive. The message is loud + clear! Thank you

  7. What a fantastic blog post. Perfectly captures the spirit of the Women 4 Justice march. Shameful that senior Government Ministers, including the Minister for Women, could not find the time to even front up and engage.

    Hoping this may finally be a critical turning point and that really significant change in attitudes towards women will be forced onto our reluctant leaders.

    Bravo to all involved in marches around the country.

  8. Great rally. Great pix Lorrie. Fabulous turnout of women of all generations. Jeez…and we thought this was sorted decades back. I love the feisty rude tough beautiful young women fighting on!

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