Sydney Film Festival Tribute to Robert Altman

Robert Altman Tribute Season - images from the Sydney Film Festival 2014 Altman program

Anon and I spent the June 2014 long weekend at the Sydney Film Festival Tribute to Robert Altman, wonderfully co-curated and presented by his son Michael, who worked on many of the films that screened.

Click here for the Altman tribute notes, and here for the films, cast and synopsis, and some trailers.

Seven long, but wonderful classic Altman films over 4 sessions. In most cases, screened with brand new film prints and remastered sound …. Amazing how these films feel just as contemporary, relevant and in some cases as thoughtful and disturbing as all those years ago.

Jump at any (now) rare opportunity to see any of Altman’s films, but the standouts remain as “Nashville”, “3 Women” and “A Wedding”.

Seeing Lilly Tomlin and Meryl Streep in the Altman films reminded of their 2006 Oscars when they introduced the Special Oscar for Altman …. remember this ?

And also the unforgettable sequence with John Carradine and Lilly Tomlin from Nashville – “I’m Easy”


For Nashville fans, have a look through a whole lot of the other clips and trailers starting with this link to U-Tube

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