Just launched – Handbag line, Cesta Collective

There’s a vibrant, inspiring energy in the new luxury space… designers and brands are striving to create quality products that have meaning, intention, and serve a greater purpose.

Case and point, the just-last-week launched handbag line, Cesta Collective, by Courtney Fasciano and Erin Ryder. Both are long term vets of the fashion world who saw a niche in the market and decided to do some good with it.

The line is full of chic, perfectly sized, handbags woven in Rwanda by female artisans using traditional techniques—but with a modern, elevated quirkiness from the design team. The Lunchpail, Cesta’s main style, is seasonally transitional and has countless style opportunities… inspired by a love for mens shirting, each basket is lined with traditional patterns — from Gingham, to Seersucker — and the exterior weave ranges from complex checkerboard to simple, solid colors.

The finishing touch is a luxe leather strap and minimal metal accents; putting just the right polish on the bag.

Courtney and Erin founded Cesta Collective with a few must-haves for their brand: produce a quality product, give back to the community, empower women and keep prices fair… and I’d say if initial interest is any indication (they’ve already hired 65 new artisans in Rwanda since last week’s launch!), they’ll achieve that and much more.


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