June, wine bar – Brooklyn, NY

In the name of balance I will now take you to some of the places we visited, more than once, on our recent trip.

This little wine bar in Brooklyn called June, glowed with welcome on a cold night. It also had a delightful Rosé.

The wine is natural, so hangovers limited. It is sustainable just adding to the glow.

You can eat….so stay longer. Small tasting plates or a more limited dinner menu.

231 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY



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  1. I don,t know this particular bar but Manhattan and Brooklyn are full of little boltholes of joy like this , often small and cramped but usually with artisanal wines and beers , not to mention gin !
    Good food, good booze and good friends what more could a person want ? B

  2. This was such a wonderful bar. Quiet, so so relaxing, incredibly good range of ‘natural’ wines that frankly I was dubious about. A wonderful experience and highly recommended for anyone in the Brooklyn Hood …..

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