Julia Wainwright founder of The Real Real

Julia Wainwright founder of The Real Real

Julia Wainwright is one reason not to underestimate the older woman. The founder and CEO of The Real Real, a.k.a TRR, which since 2011 has striven to make the consignment of luxury goods — once a furtive, grubby practice carried out in obscure second-floor shops — easy-peasy and seamless with free shipping labels, just one stop in something called “the circular economy.”

I learnt of the fabulous TRR when I was looking for a pair of kitten heel mules ... when aren't I looking for a pair of kitten heel mules! my friend and subject of this blog Kerry McNamara said you should check out The Real Real. Kerry has sourced a lot of her Chanel from this sight. I'm not a brand fairy, so the label isn't that important to me, but the quality of the products for sale is. I'm still to find THE kitten heel, but I do love the browse.

Read how this 60 year old woman battled her way through a sea of 20 something male venture capitalists and their rejection to a the woman who understood and backed her.


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