Jill Bilcock – Dancing the invisible – A Documentary

Jill Bilcock - Australian Film Editor

We went to see this on Sunday night. Jill Bilcock, “Dancing the Invisible” a Documentary. Anon is a very old friend of Jill’s and we wanted to hear the Q And A. It’s release date is July 19, session time 6.45pm in Newtown.

I know I over use the word inspirational on this blog, but Jill Bilcock is inspirational the 70 year old film artist has just been made a Companion of the Order of Australia. I’m guessing unless you work in the film industry or have a very healthy interest in the art of film making you would be unaware of how the art of film editing can make or break a film. Jill Bilcock makes and saves films, the title of this documentary is a wonderful descriptor ” Dancing the Invisible” Jill doing her job means you will never see her art.

An unprecedented feature documentary about one of the world’s leading film artists – Australian film editor Jill Bilcock.
With credits including Strictly Ballroom, Muriel’s Wedding, The Dish, Moulin Rouge!, Romeo + Juliet and Road to Perdition Jill Bilcock is regarded as one the world’s great film editors. Axel Grigor’s hugely entertaining documentary traces Bilcock’s journey from Melbourne film student in the 1960s to working as an extra in Bollywood movies and learning her craft when Australia had virtually no feature film industry. Bilcock’s cheeky charm and illuminating appearances by key collaborators make this a must-see for film lovers.


This from The SMH

Jill Bilcock is full of stories. Not just the ones about her life as a leading film editor that add up to a potted history of Australian cinema – how she cut her first film manually on her kitchen table, how the Strictly Ballroom crew moved into her house when they ran out of money, about the manic drinking days, the fights and fallings-out – but stories that go right back to her childhood when, as she puts it succinctly in a new documentary about her career, Axel Grigor’s Dancing the Invisible, “I didn’t have a lot of parenting”. And of course, she has her own #JillToo story about Harvey Weinstein.

Bilcock is in London on holiday; she and her partner have just been on a gastronomic walking tour of Yorkshire, so she has stories to tell about tasting cheese made in a residential village for the disabled in the middle of the moors and about the vileness of Yorkshire pudding.



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