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Jeune is someone I would describe as a great broad, a word used by American Italians to define a good looking woman. A take-no-shit-dame with fabulous style, I have admired her for years. She has worked as a Producer, Journalist and researcher for the ABC and SBS and various other organizations. She reflects in her musings on turning 70, in a future blog, that she remembers being the youngest at the ABC and now is the oldest.

Her personal style is eclectic:  Bassike dress over jeans teamed with camper boots and leather vest for time on the farm, an Issey Miyake dress again with dressy camper boots for work. Look at her ipod and you will find……Dylan’s  Street Legal, Bach, Chrissie Hyde’s Fidelity on her bedside table Sweet Tooth by Ian Mc Ewan, The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh and the New Yorker and she has been watching Boss, Ray Donovan and Treme on the telly.

She has regular facials at Ella Bache and her hair cut at Joh Bailey.

A further 2 blogs are to come : Jeune musing about being 70, and her amazing house and animals in Braidwood ……

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  1. It was always worth visiting the fourth floor at ultimo to see what Jeune was wearing. Totally lifted my day.

  2. Jeune and I first met when she interviewed me for ABC’s GTK program, we both must have been about 19, and she still has the same beautiful smile. We have had entangled lives ever since although more apart in recent years, glad to see her looking so good.

  3. Hi Jeune. I miss you as we drift about on different rafts. I have seen Lorrie,s pieces on you before. I never forget when I first saw you in William street, the old Science offices, and thought you were fabulous. Still do.

  4. Beautiful Jeune! So looking forward to hearing more. Yes, had tried to leave comments to no avail. Love the Paris Skirt and love the mushrooms soup and the flowers with the lovely tips.
    So enjoying these posts and looking forward to more!

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