Jeune Pritchard – Her house and animals


Jeune Pritchard and her partner of 20 years journalist Helen Thomas have recently built a house on a piece of land just outside of Braidwood. A luxury after years of camping in a caravan on the land. The house has simple, honest bones, nestled into the side of a hill overlooking the paddocks where a menagerie of animals call home. Designed by Matt Darwon and built by Angelo Rossi the house has a corrugated iron exterior, faces north south and was built on a heat retaining cement slab. The interior is a large room with a fire-place at one end and kitchen at the other,  bedrooms bookend the building , next to one a large bathroom, simple. The cupboards are pineboard, oiled. Jeune’s industrial furniture and Helen’s horse racing memorabilia happily co-exist in the space. Windows on both sides of the house collect the winter sun and look out over the paddocks where the cows Connie, Mable, Sweetie, Hermione and Lucy ( these cows won’t be seeing the gates of an Abattoir anytime soon) look in the other direction and donkey’s Mrs. D and her daughter Gracie will have you in a staring competition. Then there are the race horses, some who have run their race some yet to start. On weekends it is also home to dogs Harry and Hazel and a steady stream of friends.

The Architect Matt Darwon can be contacted here: Machineshed@bigpond.com


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  1. This house, beautifully photographed here by Lorrie, and the company of Helen and Jeune, have a special place in my heart.

    Also the sheep early in the morning fog, and many other things. The orange cupboard outside the bathroom, the good conversations, the good food. Looking forward to seeing the garden after another season.
    Will never forget Po. Kirsten

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