Jane Campion on being invisible @ 63

This article in the Guardian talks mostly about the latest “Top of the Lake” and the life and work of this very wonderful woman – I watched the trailer of Top of the Lake the other day and this is something to be savoured….one drip at a time. However one line in the piece jumped out ”

“She refers to the women of the commune in the first series as “the unfuckable”. “I think they’re all gorgeous, but there are things about being an older woman. As you get to menopause, you’re almost invisible. It’s a fear for a lot of women coming up to that time, but it can also be freeing. I got menopausal in my 40s. There are loads of myths about it. You’re going to age early, for one. It hasn’t been like that for me. And I feel good inside. So it has been a blessed thing.”

The Guardian journalist Simon Hattenstone remarks on rewatching the director’s films, ‘it is fascinating to see her characters grow up. When she started out she was telling stories of pubescent girls; now they are about mothers and post-menopausal women.’

I feel a festival of Jane coming on……



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      Same….hence my avatar face mask. Was thinking Invisible is not the same as ignored tho so the celebration of our tribe – when it happens – should be applauded…..I think?

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