Jacqueline Lillie at Jewels on Queen

Viennese jeweller Jacqueline Lillie is visiting our sun-soaked shores. Jacqueline is an artist of outstanding talent and has influenced generations of young artists with her refined and articulate work. You have a rare and limited opportunity to see some of Jacqueline's work at Jewels on Queen, that fabulous establishment run by Anne and Nell Schofield, from May 30th until the 8th of June.

All pieces on display are for sale.

Jacqueline's work is highly sought after by museums and galleries and resonates deeply with collectors of contemporary jewels. Each hand-crafted piece has to meet certain aesthetic requirements and stand up to the rigours of our modern working environment. As she says; "Jewellery is no longer an expression of status, hence my insistence on crafting with simple glass beads and clasps that owe their roots to precision engineering."

Using antique bohemian beads in conjunction with other materials such as black jade, titanium, steel and resin, Jacqueline creates works of art that outlast fashion and stand the test of time. Threaded and knotted individually with an artist’s eye, Lillie encrusts very diverse and interesting shapes made of titanium, silver and gold with her tiny beads. Yet other shapes are formed completely with beads threaded on silk and so superbly detailed you can hardly believe they are real

Refinement of style and miniature craftsmanship is at the heart of Jacqueline Lillie’s amazing achievements, as she innovates the world of contemporary jewellery.

She spends 100 – 200 hours hand-making each piece and so production understandably is limited, as they are each unique.

All Jacqueline Lillie’s pieces are captivating, well suited to the urban world and not so much a reflection of the buyer’s status, but proof positive that their new owner has a discerning eye.


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