J Crew – kitten Heels in Olive

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I looked for these shoes everywhere in Europe last year. I spotted them on the J Crew On Line store 6 months earlier and thought for sure they’d be easy to find. No Luck. Its not the style its the colour. Suede Kitten heels are everywhere …. but my dears…. not in Olive. I would put Olive Suede kitten heel into the search engine every now and then….in the vague hope, but then one day up they popped on sale/new, my size, I died a little.

Of course I bought them on the spot. They arrived 10 days later and when I slipped them on they felt tight across the toes. Coombs I thought, my go to Shoe maintenance stop in the Strand Arcade, they are the only RM Williams repairer outside South Australia, and if they can’t do anything for your shoes or think it would be a waste of money they tell you very directly.

Sure enough a 24 hour stay for my new beauties and they slip on like a glove. I do hope the Coombs family has a succession plan in place, they are gold.

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  1. My friend just reminded me about this post after I was telling her about ‘my’ new find – I should have known you would have covered a great shoe repair place – I did a search last week and found Coombs online and liked their old school website so raced in with a pair of tango shoes that I’ve literally worn to death for over 8 years – both straps were broken and they did look ready for the bin but nope, an hour later I walked away with my ‘new’ shoes wrapped in brown paper – perfect. Love this place. You need an alpha index Lorrie so I can check your blog first before I go on searches : )

  2. Gorgeous shoes, what a find! And I couldn’t agree more about Coombs. They have rescued favourite shoes that were ‘beyond rescue’ on many occasions, and, likewise told me when there was no hope. And nothing is beyond them, They even added a centimeter thick sole to my motorcycle boots, so that I can now reach the ground! Literally making my life safer. I have the same concern about their succession plans.

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