It’s not a crime to drink wine by yourself

At a time of public health challenges, self-imposed isolation does not require you to forgo good food or good wine, despite the social stigma.

In short order, the world has changed, and so has the thinking about public gatherings. Parties have been postponed. Restaurants have closed, and we have had to reconsider such commonplace activities as gathering with our friends.

Under orders to socially distance ourselves, isolate and even self-quarantine, communal activities cannot be taken for granted. And what’s more communal than drinking wine?

In our new cautionary, stay-at-home environment, drinking wine may seem as much of a balm as making soup or bingeing on Netflix. Sharing a bottle with roommates or a spouse raises no issues or eyebrows.

But what if social distancing means you are actually by yourself? Is it all right to open that bottle?

Obviously, the question of whether to drink when alone doesn’t, in the words of that wise nightclub owner, amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. But it is a question that people who love wine may ask themselves if they find themselves temporarily isolated.

Too often, the answer is a finger wag. From the moment we start to learn about wine, we are taught that drinking responsibly is a social activity. Wine is for sharing, for drinking with friends or family over a meal.



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  1. A glass of rose, solo, is a good end to the day at the farm, in these times, post drought, bushfires, floods………

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