Islam, Beyond the Stereotypes

Islam, Beyond the Stereotypes

When Munem Wasif was offered a gallery exhibit to coincide with Paris Photo earlier this month, he chose to show “In God We Trust,” his personal project on Islam in Bangladesh and his family’s relationship to it. Although he was uncertain how people would respond to the exhibit, he felt that after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January in Paris that it was important to encourage people to think about Muslims in ways that did not play into stereotypes.

Days after the show opened, Mr. Wasif was dining with photographer friends when he received an urgent call from the gallery owner: Stay off the streets, a series of violent attacks was going on in other parts of Paris. After being horrified by the initial descriptions of the attacks, he turned to his friends and expressed a succinct thought.

“I told them that I hope it’s not done by Muslims,” he recalled.


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