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Last week I went to an extraordinary event, the launch of "Just Add Love" a cookbook by the journalist Irris Makler. The room was full of love, laughter and tears, grandmothers flanked by their grandchildren and many adoring fans.

Irris Makler is a foreign correspondent and author based in Jerusalem. For the past four years she has been recording the stories of these grandmothers and learning their cooking secrets.

The fabulous Ellen Fanning launched the book at the Woollahra Library in Double Bay. As Irris writes, the book is about grandmother power, celebrating the female elder. It contains the wisdom and recipes of Jewish Survivors of World War 11.

This is more than a cookbook, it tells the stories of these grandmothers and two grandfathers. Most of the women lost their entire families, many arrived in their new countries with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the recipes inside their heads.... that are now in this beautiful book.

"When a child cooks with their grandmother they learn much more than a recipe - they absorb culture and family history, and start to learn their place in the world"

You can buy the book on the Just Add Love website link below.


I've gone straight to the Dark Honey Cake recipe....

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story and your beautiful photos Lorrie.
    Irris is an old friend from my teenage years and I’d heard about her project from a fellow photographer.
    I’m wondering if you’d like to do a story and photos for your blog on my new exhibition which is currently on in Newcastle?
    Under Twenty-Seven is the title and I have lots of info on my website and FB and IG. It’s one of the most heart-warming projects I’ve done, as following a group every seven years from boyhood to manhood is quite profound.
    Warm wishes,

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