Iranzamin, at the Powerhouse Museum – Ultimo

Iranzamin - Persia, today's Iran, enjoys a tradition of arts and crafts that stretches back over a thousand years, Situated between two ancient trade routes - the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean - Persia and its artisans have influenced many cultures, artists, craftsmen and women beyond Iran.

Iranzamin ( Land of the Persians) highlights a selection rare Persian arts and crafts collected by the Powerhouse Museum from 1880 to 2021, shedding light on the diverse social and cultural history of Persia and its people. These include hand-wovencrafts, carpets and rugs; arms and armour; glass, ceramics and tiles; textiles and embroidery

Inspired by the ancient metaphoric meaning of the number seven in Persian culture, the exhibition examines how these prized objects were used in Persian society, focusing on seven themes: Joy and Happiness; Purifification and Cleansing; Spirituality and Devotion; Poetry and Calligraphy ; Ritual and Performance; Patronage and Craftsmanship; Nature and Design.

Curated by Dr. Pefram Khosronejad.

If you go on a Friday you will be guided around the exhibition by Meg Stevenson, 94 who has volunteered for the past 30 years and was the local volunteer of the year in 2017. Meg visited Iran, her knowledge and enthusiasm made this such a memorable visit.

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