Introducing – Tailor – Tran Do Thien

Tailor Tran Do Thien in her hole in the wall business in Darlinghurst.

Tran Do Thien is the woman we all need in our life. A true craftsperson. I’m not sure why we think that something bought off the shelf with a vague idea of size is always going to work on our very unique body shape. That is why we need a Tran in out life…

You might remember Kathy Bail mentioned Tran in the Style story we did a few months back. I caught up with Tran this week in her studio in Darlinghurst.

A Vietnamese refugee, who arrived by boat she has lived in Australia for 33 years …. She has two grown children, one a Teacher the other a Pharmacist.

This is what Kathy had to say about Tran

“This is my first tailor-made suit. There’s no going back now! It was fitted and made this year [2017] by the highly-skilled Tran Do Thien, who has a small workshop in Darlinghurst, which she set up in 2013. Tran came to Australia as a refugee after the war in Vietnam. Her father was a tailor in Saigon. She did a course at Bankstown Tech and worked for many years at Charles Parsons. She also worked for over 10 years at Dolina on the Aero label design team plus she worked at Sport Fashion, Discovery Fashion and S&R Fashion…….

She made the pattern for this suit — which is loosely based on a cotton suit I bought at Barneys, NYC, twenty years ago — and she did all the sewing. The suit is a light wool from Tessuti in Surry Hills and Tran has lined it beautifully in a dark blue fabric. It feels great!”

If you need any more convincing about what a great tailor will mean to your wardrobe this from Ana Gimeno in Milan……


“When I first moved to Milan, I went to a tailor to do a jacket su misura,” Ana recalls. “When he finished, he told me never to return because my jacket was all wrong: It wouldn’t close properly, the sleeves were too short, and he was scandalized. In the end he told me not to tell anyone that he made the jacket. We now have a Chinese tailor in via Bergamo who does everything without opening his mouth. He’s fantastic.”

Tran… Is THE RIGHT Tailor. She had a bit of a health scare recently and has just re opened her operation to new custom…Best to ring before going.

The business : Do Thien , Tailoring and Alterations 181 Crown Street Darlinghurst, Phone
0414 550 153



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  1. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see the special dress! Have always thought rather than buying even a designer off the rack garment, having all your clothes custom made would be the ultimate luxury!

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