International Women’s Day

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I was given my cadetship at the Sydney Morning Herald forty one years ago, 1975 the International Year of Women. I was their first female photographic cadet. My inspiration to pursue the life of a photojournalist, Margaret Bourke-White, the first Life photojournalist, not the first female photojournalist.

On this day it is important to give thanks to those women who went before, they make the path ahead that little bit easier for those who follow.
It was for me, it will be for you.

I am still working as a photojournalist it is my greatest achievement!

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  1. You’re the best Loz.
    And forget the GForce Michelin outfit….it’s the shorts Loz. Denim I’m
    guessing, with a floral printed detail on cuffs and pocket. Smart!

  2. Legendry Lorrie! Thanks for Crashing through! How nice that we few remember it all ( well … Most of it?!) because there were SOooo few women way back then…

  3. You are a bloody legend Lorrie! Means alot to many women that you stuck it out.! Funny memories in retrospect! So few of us, how nice is it?!! ..knowing all the so few women in media from those days…

  4. And I remember doing those dangerous social rounds with you! Our cadetships were fun. We were lucky even if we did work our asses off. I agree, thanks to those incredible women who came before us and also mentored us.

  5. Fantastic achievement, and thank heavens for a bit of vision from Gough. Especially like the wonderful Gforce Michelin fashion outfit.

  6. Happy International Women’s Day lovely girl.
    You’ve got decades more in you xxx

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