Interior Design Store in Cat Street, Tokyo

Let’s get off the mainstream and stroll around the Cat Street! This interior design store gives a bit of hint about this cool shopping district.

Most of people go to Takeshita street, Meiji Street or Omotesando when they shop in Harajuku. But coolest ones not. They shop at edgy fashion boutiques, chill at stylish cafes and stroll around the cozy hideaway called “Cat Street”. Off the main streets of Harajuku, Cat Street is a small street connecting Shibuya and Harajuku, lined with clothing stores, stylish cafes and it’s where cool young kids hang out.

It’s much more hipster-like, less than Harajuku’s mainstream “Kawaii” style with numbers of used/vintage shops, street fashion clothing boutiques and some street arts. It’s much more quiet and cozy than the main street of Shibuya or Harajuku where majority of people shop and it’s a great place to meet Japanese hipster culture in Tokyo.

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