Inspiration: The Mighty Angophora # 2



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  1. Gorgeous trees but only ‘closely related’ to the eucalyptus, which surprised me.
    How about that fleshy bark . A splendid pic Loz.

  2. Lorrie these trees are magical, which I think in particular is the way the branches are crooked, like elbows and when the tree rustles through, they seem to be dancing. This was what I wrote about those trees in my manuscript for my doctorate:
    He led me to the bank of the river and into a stand of trees, so many trees, so many branches, their leaves shaking and howling like wailing women. Most of the trees were the same eucalyptus, their trunks straight and tall, their restless branches crooked like an elbow joint. One tree after another swayed back and forth, their feet firmly tethered to the ground. While my own emotions had been tidily put away it seemed they had escaped and were surrounding me and the roar and wail that yowled from tree to tree had sprung from somewhere deep inside me.

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