Inspiration – Gloucester

I spent pretty well every easter, when I was a little kid, visiting my mother’s best friend Margaret Mason. A formidable woman, she ran a dairy farm on her own about 20 kms north of Gloucester and up a valley off Thunderbolts Way.

The place was and still is magic. She moved into town later in life and gifted her land to the National Park. I took the long way home back from Bluesfest and meandered through the mist and lanes.

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  1. Love that area, especially the Barrington Tops and the Upper Allyn. Magical forests and walks, and weirdly tropical and mysterious.

    Coming up 40 years ago now, I was a very young man aspiring to become a film producer and had the privilege of working on what was then the largest film ever made in Australia. “The Earthling” may not ultimately have been an earth shattering success, but it brought together some of the most amazing in the film industry.

    The Camera Department – 3 subsequent Academy Award Winners. : DOP Don McAlpine, Operator John Seale, 2nd Unit Camera Dean Semler. Focus Pullers David Burr and Andre Fleuron, Production Manager Su Armstrong. ADs 1st Mark Egerton 2nd Steve Andrews. Sound Recordist Don Connolly. Make up and Hair Judy Lovell …… Animals Heath and Evanne Harris ……and on the list goes

    Some extraordinary memories here …..

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