The Impeccable Style of Ms. Sally Loane

Ms. Sally Loane's impeccable style leads the way when it comes to navigating the corporate jungle.

My old friend Sally Loane demonstrates how to navigate the corporate jungle in impeccable style.
Long before Sal got a grown up job – she is the CEO of Financial Services Council, a Director of Venues N.S.W., Director of Waratahs Rugby, Avner, Pancreatic Cancer Foundation – I could go on but you get the picture. She was a journalist and we survived many outrageous and sometimes hilarious assignments together.

In 1987 we were sent to Russia for a month to cover Bob Hawke’s visit. This was the start of Mikhail Gorbachev’s dismantling of the communist regime. Moscow was mono tone, no colour until Sal strode across red square in her red coat. I scurried along behind in my borrowed navy. It was 23 below and freezing so we bought hats….. Sal’s silver fox, mine sensible rabbit. It could get damn annoying if she wasn’t such a lovely person.

So I was delighted when she said yes to this style shoot….and to answer some style/life questions….

1. Who are the designers you like

– Carla and Carl (Carla Zampatti and Carl Kapp) – both Australian.

2. What sort of clothes appeal to you?

Structured and fitted. I work in the corporate world so I need to look neat and together so Monday to Friday I wear suits, dresses and heels. Even on weekends I’m still a bit structured, in jeans, shirts, blazers. I envy people who can do nonchalant boho.

3 Do you have any style Icons –

Claire Underwood (House of Cards). Obsessed.

4 How Do you feel about getting older?

Glad to be here. I lost my beautiful sister to cancer when she was only 50, in the prime of her life. I am frankly grateful to have my health and I want to hang on to this above all else, including vanity.

5. Do Magazines or Ad Campaigns talk to your generation? .

Rarely. This is why I love your blog!

6. How Do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation

Quite similar actually. I’ve absorbed a lot from my mother, including her love for navy, and good quality basics. Being a country girl like Mum, I love “grazier style” – riding boots, moleskin trousers and striped cotton shirts.

7. Where are the clothes in the shots ( we take) from”

– High jeans and Balmain jacket; Carl Kapp pants and jacket (blue ); Narciso Rodriguez dress and Carla Zampatti jacket (pink); Carla Zampatti dress (midnight blue velvet). Valentino Rockstud sandals.

8. What are the most important things in your life as you get older?

Health, husband and children, friendships and fulfilling work – both paid and unpaid. Holidays. Sales and good blow drys.


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