Ilse Crawford -Interior Designer

Isle crawford


Ilse Crawford is an odd and interesting interior designer, she believes that people should come first, in her three books human needs are front and centre. My favourite book “Sensual Home” is filled with quotes like “one eye sees, the other feels” Paul Klee, “All evidence of truth comes only from the senses” Nietzsche. My like minded friends at Aesop agree with me they asked her to design their first London store and this week have linked to a wonderful interview with her … below.

In her latest book “A Frame for Life” she writes ” I learnt as a child in west London that design was a potent, magical thing. I grew up in Shepherd’s Bush and watched with fascination the demolition of the streets to make way for new roads and new buildings. As the wrecking balls made short work of the rows of terraced houses, you could see the sequence of lives lived there in the layers of tattered wallpaper that spoke of rooms and the multitude of relationships and people that had once inhabited them…Home is your corner of the world



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