Idrissy Riad – Ruined Garden – Fez – Morocco

We stayed at Idriss Riad in Fez, Morocco on our trip in 2016. I’m just reposting this week for those of you heading off to Morocco.

In another update to this post, Sue Bail no longer manages this place, she fell in love and is now studying wine in Germany. Everything else is the same and a wonderful place to stay.

This was home for the 4 nights during our visit to Fez, Morocco. Our room was on the terrace

Each morning I would stand and listen to the call to pray. It started before dawn with one mosque and grew in harmony to over 12.

As the sun rose a swarm of birds, always the same would sweep past me over the city.

Each morning at 8am a basket would appear on our doorstep with fresh coffee.

The Breakfast, prepared by our new family in the kitchen was lingered over in the garden ( ruined ).

Idrissy Riad will be your Sanctuary from the Medina during your stay.

If you stay at Idrissy riad you will be looked after by the magical Sue Bail.

The Australian manager is much loved in the Medina. Her knowledge and warmth will make it a stay to remember.


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  1. Loved your post Lorrie about one of my favourite places …… Fez. When I was there with my art group in May, I wanted to take Suzanna Clarke of “A House in Fez” fame out to dinner to thank her for putting me in touch with the English artist, Noel Bensed, who travelled with our group. They both told me that the two best restaurants in Fez were Cafe Fez (which Suzanna chose) and one called The Ruined Garden. As you mentioned a ruined garden in your title, I was wondering if Riad Idriss and this evocatively-named restaurant, were one and the same?

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  2. One of my favourites of all our travels in recent years. The Riad itself is spectacular, service fantastic, food out of this world – most especially the breakfast which pretty well takes you right through the day. Admittedly a return visit would feel different without Sue being there, but I would return tomorrow if I could.

  3. Can vouch for it. Everything about is just perfect. If in Morocco, get in touch with Sue Bail and let her help you plan a magical visit.

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