I am woman

Debra Conway


On the “Judith Lucy is all Woman” show that just ended on the ABC – but still watchable on i view – the feminist anthem I am woman was sung by a bevy of singers, it ‘s a great take on the song. I’ve never been a fan of the terribly earnest version by Helen Ready. The image above is of one of the singers Deborah Conway who looks so strong in this image  and take a look at her brows ….  sorry couldn’t find the name of the photographer ….hit the link to watch the clip.


PS I’m back ….



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  1. Love Judith, love Deborah (even more so now), love the photo (brows noted) and love this version of the song – I watched this episode on catch up and thought wow, so much talent – faces I knew and new ones I didn’t but want to know now. Hope girls schools utilise it and make it work for a new generation. Highly recommend Judith Lucy’s All Woman – Judith has that special quality of being funny, relevant, observant and real and genuine all at the same time – a woman getting better with age which is great! Thanks for posting this Lorrie and welcome back…

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